Fresh Water

Wet Pets has an extensive selection of Freshwater Fish. We stock Tropical Fish, African Cichlids, and South American Cichlids.

Tropical Fish
Wet Pets stocks all of the industry staples like Tetras and livebearers, but we also try our best to find a wide selection of rare species and color variants. We stock a wide selection of nano species that do well with Freshwater shrimp. For your fish bowl, we have a great selection of beautiful Bettas of different fin and color varieties.

African Cichlids
Wet Pets has the best selection of African Cichlids in the area. In addition to standard African Cichlids, we have many rare varieties and species in stock at all times.  We are proud of our broad spectrum of color variants, sizes, and species of African Cichlids.

South American Cichlids
We have a great selection of South American Cichlids. Our selection includes Dwarf Cichlids (Rams, Apistogrammas, Checkerboard Cichlids, etc.) as well as locally bred Angelfish. We also have a sizeable selection of Discus and many good tankmates for them.