We have a large collection of light fixtures and bulbs.  LED is becoming more popular as it has become more affordable.  We have options ranging from basic economically priced lights to high performance lighting fixtures for growing corals and plants. We recommend the Current, Ecotech, and Zoomed LED light fixtures and we can special order any of the other major manufacturers' fixtures as well.
We carry bulbs in all spectrums for whatever application you may have. We stock HO (High Output) and Standard T5, T8, compact florescent, halogen bulbs.  We carry Coralife, ML, Aqueon, and Zoo Med bulbs.  Regarding lighting fixtures, we have a large selection of sizes and styles.  We carry HO T5, T5 standard output, and T8 fixtures.  The advantage to a florescent  fixture is that you can change a bulb to change the spectrum.