Wet Pets carries hang-on-the-back, canister, and sump filters.

Hang-On- The-Tank Filters
Hang-on-the-back filters are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and efficient.  They work well on any tank up to 200 gallons (with multiple filters).  The water is siphoned through an intake, passes through a filter pad and drops back into the aquarium oxygenating the water.  We carry ML (Marineland), Aqueon, and Aqua Clear hang-on-the-back filters.

In-Tank Filter
In-tank filters are inexpensive and use the same filter pads as the hang-on-the-back filters.  Great for small tanks that need to be flush against a wall or for tanks not completely filled with water, such as turtle tanks.  We carry Fluval and Tetra in-tank filters for up to 40 gallons.

Canister Filter
Canister filters are very efficient.  They pull water from an intake through a tube and simultaneously return water through an outtake tube.  The filter usually is situated under the tank, though it could also be placed to the side or behind the aquarium.  They are the quietest filter, almost silent, and they force the water through various filter media.  We carry Fluval, ML, Rena, and Eheim.  Canisters are made for tanks up to 300 gallons.  Call for availability of brand and size since we do not stock every size at all times.

Sump Filter
Sump filtration is for drilled aquariums.  The aquarium has an overflow mechanism that siphons water through plumbing and returns the water through a pump.  This is the best filtration for a larger aquarium generally 75 gallons or more.  There are a few styles that, depending on the type of tank, would be the best choice.  We carry  Aqueon pro flex , ML Tidepool, and Eshoppes sumps.  Call for availability of size and brand.